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In these times of saturated app marketplaces, where thousands of Angry Birds and Candy Crush clones duke it out with original apps that promise everything from quick and easy dating to the ability to control your house's temperature, it is harder than ever to make your app stand out and get the attention it deserves. The rise of mobile devices and app stores has been so meteoric that the rewards for a successful have never been higher, but the fierce competition also means that it can be quite intimidating to put your app out there into a sea of quality and chaff. Luckily, there is plenty you can do to ensure that your app has at least a fighting chance of getting the attention it warrants. It's not easy, but it's doesn't have to be complex or difficult either. Website As streamlined and ever-evolving as app marketplaces are, not all app users tend to find the app... (more)

Cloud Computing: How It Affects Enterprise and Performance Monitoring

In recent times, cloud computing has played a dominant role in the industry. Whether you feel positively or negatively about it, it is undeniable that cloud monitoring, like any other component in your network, needs to be monitored – perhaps more than any other. To more old-fashioned solutions for monitoring, the cloud creates a number of obstacles: you do not have ownership of its hardware, it is not run on your network and when problems or glitches occur you have no control over them. Today there is a wide range of utilities to help you to manage your cloud computing, and the ... (more)

What to Do in Order to Maintain the UPS System

The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source) system is an electronic device that enables your computer to run smoothly when encountering electric supply irregularities like power shortages, or voltage oscillations. Since it is an electronic device, maintaining it regularly is highly recommended in order to prolong its effective functionality. Not following the recommended precaution and servicing measures may lead to the UPS not functioning as it should, and could cause even more trouble, like ruining your computer, thus causing more expenses than required. In order to function as a pr... (more)

Managing the Unmanageable

Every now and then you can hear that some bank has gone bankrupt, that some company is insolvent, and there are even entire countries that go bankrupt now. It has become a global epidemic, primarily caused by the great economic crisis that the world has not yet fully recovered from. In order to understand what can be done, we must first understand what is bankruptcy. What does it mean to be bankrupt? Some people imagine that the state of bankruptcy is the same as having no money, or, in plain words, being penniless. However, this is not the case. Being penniless means that you ha... (more)

Cloud Computing: A Comparison of Computing Models

A simple definition of cloud computing is that it's a unique storage service that involves storage of data and software. With cloud computing, the person or company who enjoys the service is not fully aware of the location, storage facilities or configuration of the system used to offer the storage services. A good analogy to explain this concept is the regular power grid that supplies power to homes and businesses. The end user who enjoys the services is hardly aware of all the power generation and distribution devices and components used to deliver the service. Since its intro... (more)