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Every now and then you can hear that some bank has gone bankrupt, that some company is insolvent, and there are even entire countries that go bankrupt now. It has become a global epidemic, primarily caused by the great economic crisis that the world has not yet fully recovered from. In order to understand what can be done, we must first understand what is bankruptcy. What does it mean to be bankrupt? Some people imagine that the state of bankruptcy is the same as having no money, or, in plain words, being penniless. However, this is not the case. Being penniless means that you have no money, but you have no debts to repay, either. It just means that you do not have the money to spend. On the other hand, going bankrupt means that you have outstanding debts that have to be repaid, and that the amount of those debts is greater than the value of all your assets and inco... (more)

Cloud Computing: A Comparison of Computing Models

A simple definition of cloud computing is that it's a unique storage service that involves storage of data and software. With cloud computing, the person or company who enjoys the service is not fully aware of the location, storage facilities or configuration of the system used to offer the storage services. A good analogy to explain this concept is the regular power grid that supplies power to homes and businesses. The end user who enjoys the services is hardly aware of all the power generation and distribution devices and components used to deliver the service. Since its intro... (more)

Cloud Computing: How It Affects Enterprise and Performance Monitoring

In recent times, cloud computing has played a dominant role in the industry. Whether you feel positively or negatively about it, it is undeniable that cloud monitoring, like any other component in your network, needs to be monitored – perhaps more than any other. To more old-fashioned solutions for monitoring, the cloud creates a number of obstacles: you do not have ownership of its hardware, it is not run on your network and when problems or glitches occur you have no control over them. Today there is a wide range of utilities to help you to manage your cloud computing, and the ... (more)

Costs and Financial Considerations Surrounding Car Financing

Knowing your credit situation and your credit score can go a long way toward determining your overall cost for a car loan. If you are looking for the best possible rate, it would be wise to know as much as you can about your credit situation. Confirm Your Credit Score It isn't hard to find out your credit score on the Internet. There are plenty of sites where you can find your credit report for free, or going to the website of the credit agencies themselves can get you your credit score. Make sure that your credit report is accurate so that you have the best possible score befor... (more)

Top Android Pregnancy Apps

A pregnancy is a special thing as well as exciting and for an Android user, probably you are looking for ideal and best Android pregnancy apps. In the marketplace today, you will find so many apps that help in tracking the development of a baby as well timing the eventual contraction. You will find some of the best pregnancy apps for Android today discussed below. Contraction Timer This little app comes handy for those experiencing some real labor contractions and not back labor or induced contractions. While this is happening, an Android Smartphone will help you conveniently plan ... (more)